Transcription Portfolio

In my spare time I enjoy transcribing audio for extra income.
Below is my transcription portfolio, you can download the transcripts and audio by clicking the buttons.


Clinical Transcriptions

Transcribing medical documentation that uses complex terminology.
Reference: Sound Files

Length: 04:05
Accent: American


Edward Eagar Lodge Interview

Interview with Vanessa Daniels from Surrey Australia.
Reference: Video

Length: 05:01
Accent: Australian


Police Documentation

Documentation of a court case

Reference: Sound File

Length: 04:47
Accent: American


Home Buyer’s School

Video transcription for a YouTube channel about Real Estate.

Reference: Video

Length: 05:53
Accent: Canadian


Film Launch Awards

Interviewing multiple people about an emotional artistic film they just watched.

Reference: Audio

Length: 03:58
Accent: French, Russian, American


Peterson Summit Opening

An inspirational video about the Building America’s Future by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

Reference: Audio

Length: 04:48
Accent: American, Spanish