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Q-Tips Radio Advertisement


Ad Transcription:

Picture this…
You run to the store
Scanning the shelf

You see them…

Swiftly, you grab the jumbo pack
You can’t believe you ran out
Never again, *Breathless* You swear.

You run back to the car,
You can’t wait until you get home
You rip open the package and pull one out.

It goes in
Despite all the warnings you go deeper
It feels so good,
You can’t stop.

This is an itch that has needed scratching for a while

When you’re finished you pull out

What a mess you’ve made…
You realize you should clean your ears more often.

This is a radio commercial,

Perhaps your ears aren’t the only thing that’s dirty.

Just the tip.


Lous Food Photography

After spending most of my college life at Lous, doing homework, hanging out with friends etc, the bar staff got to know me so well that my name was brought up during a staff meeting to do some food photography shots for their website.

This was my first experience doing food photography, but it was a lot of fun and they continue to use these shots on their website and social media.

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.27.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.26.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.25.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.26.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.26.46 PM.png

Lous Pub Rebrand

Loco Lous is a bar/pub located across the street from SAIT on 16th Ave in Calgary Alberta. It's an unfussy hangout offering basic tavern fare such as burgers & pizza, including pool & TVs for sports fans.

We changed Loco Lous to 'Lous' makes the bar feel more friendly.

After talking to both staff and patrons, the importance of an easy going, unfussy place that one can hang out and feel both comfortable and accepted became apparent.

Sketchbook MockUp PSD.jpg
11 copy.png
17 copy.png
Snapback Cap Mockup-Recovered.jpg
20 copy.png

11 ways to ditch your darling

This project originated as a school project to learn Indesign, layout and printing booklets. It eventually turned into a small humorous book I wrote and designed about 11 ways you can break up with someone.

The broken hearts represent the estimated level of heartbreak caused by each method.

Feel free to download the whole book below.


One Condoms Designs


A couple of years ago, my roommate brought home a container filled with condoms. He spread them all over the living room floor because “they looked cool.”

Each one had a different clever design on it, and I found out that they had contests four times a year that you could enter. With a love for puns mixed with my love for design, I couldn’t resist.

These four designs are now in circulation with ONE Condoms, for every design I was able to donate 5,000 to a charity/organization of my choice.


Motion Graphics, Video & Animation

There’s something so satisfying about Motion Graphics, Video & Animation. I’ve always found myself becoming obsessed with projects that involved movement. Years later, you’re still kind of proud of it even with the changing of styles & technology.

Here are some of my videos.

Created a Motion Graphics animation of 3 icons transforming into each other to reveal a final composition.
Scene from Airplane The Movie – Red Zone/White Zone A motion graphics project created mostly with type with 3D elements.

Sometimes you just have to exercise your skills. A just for fun looping gif animation of a frog. I learned how to make water ripples while creating this.

A Motion Graphics video ad for Finevo Lending group for the 150th Canada Day Celebrations

The goal of this project was to try and capture the essence / represent someone in 90 seconds. Neil is the type of person that keeps track of everything that inspires him so he can re-inspire himself using those moments. He has a sketchbook/journal that he documents everything in, so for this video I chose to have a day in the life of Neil via his journal / sketchbook. This video was made using found footage, motion graphics and videos that Neil provided. Neil is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met, I'm positive my productivity has sky-rocketed in the last couple weeks from hanging out with him and making this video. His constant use of inspirational quotes during discussions, his energy, demeanour and habit of documenting everything that inspires him are what inspired me!